Over 100 Celeb's, Athletes, and Musicians 

310-291-1590 - tyfilms@mac.com - LA, CA 

Stunts & Pyrotechnics:

Roof Top Jumps - Fight Sequences - Car Crashes - Car Chase - Motor Cycle Jumps - People on Fire - Car on Fire -  Building Explosions - Fire in Window - Fire on Street

Drone Experience:

San Fran, Los Angeles, Great Wall of China, Hong Kong

1st Producer to obtain a legal permit in a city (Jan 2015)

Commercials - Content - Live Events - Films


Los Angeles, San Fran, Hawaii, NYC, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Greenland, China

Over 260 Filming hrs of Producing Aerial Content

International Producing Experience:

London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Greenland, Mexico, Vancouver, Toronto, Jamaica, Puerto Rico

Additional contacts in:  Sydney, Rio, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Austria, Iceland and Others

Todd young​

Highlight Campaigns:

Apple TV - Global Screen Savers

Apple Watch - 24hr TimeLapse Loop 

Superbowl Commercials - '98, '04, '13

Sundance Film Festival Debut - "Shooting Star"

Tribeca Film Festival Debut - "Graffiti Area"


Todd Young has ​produced commercials, content and music videos for some of the most successful Corporate Clients, Production Companies and Record Labels in the industry.  Balancing creative needs with business realities, and all the personalities in between is what he does best.

Young's production career includes a wide variety of work including multi million dollar SuperBowl campaigns, new product / campaign launches and never seen before, state of the art content.  Most recently he became the first producer to legally obtain a filming permit for use of a Drone in a US city environment... it caused quite a stir and ended up on all the local news channels  - click here for the story

His versatility to Bid, Line Produce and Post Supervise campaigns is what separates him from the average freelance producer.  He continues to work on NDA projects that push the envelope of of what is possible to achieve.  This extensive experience and understanding of his craft has allowed Todd to adapt to the New Media trends and production challenges in todays's advertising industry.

Young's experience combined with his knowledge of ALL the various aspects of production, makes him a valuable asset to any project.